user experience design,国外叫UXD,国内也简称UE设计。

我们正在寻找一名高级用户体验设计师加入我们的产品设计团队。We are looking for someone to join our growing Product Design group as a sr.
user experience designer.

指责包括产品创新,界面视觉引导,原型设计,与开发一起推动设计实现。Responsibilities include producing innovative,visually appealing human interface designs; creating design prototypes;working with developers to make designs a reality.

我们需要这个人可以独立工作,和团队成员合作,交流各种想法,画出原型,参与产品整个的周期。We need someone who can work independently, engage team members, communicate ideas, create prototypes, and finally work with team members throughout the release cycle of the product. This position reports to the Principal Designer.

日常的工作包括:Day-to-Day Activities:

* 基于人机交互、图形化设计、界面设计和其他相关理论,进行设计。Generate designs based on common sets of HCI, graphic design, interface design and other relevant theories
* 画出不同层次的原型:纸上的,框架的,可交互的网页,Flash的。Create prototypes at different levels of fidelity: paper, wireframe,interactive HTML, and Flash
* 到不同的部门演示概念和想法,组织反馈意见。Present ideas and concepts to x-functional teams and incorporate feedback accordingly
* 生成视觉元素比如icon,边框,用户控件,窗口规范,图形化的布局Create visual elements such as icons, borders, custom widgets, window treatments, and graphical layouts
* 同产品设计团队合作去发展一些重要附加值的概念,还有修订产品。 Collaborate with Product Design team to develop concepts of key additions and edits for the product
* 同商业方面的专家、市场部沟通,确认设计并得到认可。Communicate designs to business specialists and marketing team members for validation and buy-in.
* 同开发人员沟通,提供明确的定义和执行的方向。Communicate designs to development and provide definition and direction during implementation
* 同质量控制部门沟通,提供在测试阶段需要的清晰理解。Communicate designs to quality control and provide clarifications during the testing phase
* 同首席设计师和产品设计团队一起工作,符合内部设计流程和标准。Work with Principal Designer and Product Design team to evolve internal design process and standards.
* 需要1/10的时间出差。This job requires 10% travel

资格条件:Qualifications & Requirements:

* 在应用程序的交互设计方面(界面设计,产品设计)有4-5年的工作经验。在web应用和桌面应用方面有扎实的经验。4-5 years experience in application interaction design (UI Design, Product Design); solid experience with both web applications (not web sites) and desktop applications

* 设计、人机交互、可用性专业或者可以展示对设计的理解、交互设计理论和实践的能力。Education in design, HCI, usability or ability to display formal understanding of design and HCI theory and practice

* 理解室内产品设计的生命周期。Understand in-house product design lifecycle

* 优秀的交流技巧:书写和口头。Good communication skills: written and verbal

* 了解基于浏览器和客户端的技术(HTML, Java, Flash,.NET)。Knowledge of browser-based and desktop technologies (HTML, Java, Flash,.NET)

* 原型技术,包括DHTML, Dream Weaver, Flash或类似的。Prototyping skills using DHTML, Dream Weaver, Flash, or similar

* 有开发和运行可用性测试的经验。Experience with developing and running usability testing

* 有行业研究经验(Cooper的目标导向设计方法优先)Experience with field research (goal-directed method by Cooper is preferred).

* 可以使用设计过程描述清楚问题如何产生以及如何解决,无论是独立工作还是和团队一起。Should demonstrate ability to use design processes for problem definition and solution creation while working individually and with a group

* 可以创造出图形元素:icon,控件,窗口,边框,数据布局。Ability to create graphical elements: icons, widgets, windowing and boarders, data layout

Please submit your resume with a portfolio web site via
Candidates are strongly encouraged to have an online portfolio for best




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